Blinking heart


I wanted to make a project with the well known 555 timer IC and as the valentine's day was coming by, I came up with the idea to build a heart mimicking the beating of the average adult, witch is something between 80-90 beats per minute, I think.

On the sketch you can see what I had in mind to make. It is a trophy of a blinking heart inside a heart, maybe to be dressed in flowers and colored bands and gift bows. At this point I decided to terminate this project and move on. Feel free to replicate my idea though, and good luck.

Video of the blinking heart


It is a two part design, one for the LEDs, one for the control circuit. Here you see the finished balsa-supported enclosure for the LEDs.

Here is a photo of the control circuit.

Gluing together the enclosure in a heart shape.

This setup allows more suffusion of light through back-scatter.